Same Day Emergency Care at New Era Eye Care

Amanda recently called our office in Shavertown, Pennsylvania with an emergency retinal issue. At New Era Eye Care, we have a policy that any emergency notified during business hours will be seen that day, as soon as possible. Amanda experienced that policy first hand as Dr. O’Donnell saw her immediately, and very quickly, efficiently and accurately diagnosed the issue and proposed a plan of action to correct the issue.

“The treatment plan was thorough and effective. I was ecstatic with the results.”
-Amanda, New Era Eye Care Patient

When left untreated, retinal conditions can cause partial or total loss of vision. Although initially scared, Amanda called New Era Eye Care, and due to the fast action of the Dr. and his staff, the issue was resolved and her vision returned to its previous condition.

Check out Amanda’s story in the video below:

Emergency care can be necessary in the case of Infections, Foreign bodies, Painful eyes, Corneal abrasion, Loss of vision or something else entirely. In the event of an eye health emergency, please call us at 570-704-3993 immediately and follow the prompts.

It’s important to note that if you have a life threatening emergency or have sustained serious damage to your eye or eyes you should call 911 right away.