New Year, New Video: New Era!


Dr. Brian O’Donnell and staff aren’t slowing down in the New Year! Closing out 2018 with a bang, we partnered with local marketing company Coal Creative to highlight our exceptional staff and the professional quality of care provided at the office in Shavertown. As all of our patients already know, the treatment, service and care at New Era Eye Care is centered around the kindness and professionalism that our staff provides with the intention of making health care fun! In this video, Dr. O’Donnell takes an opportunity to express his confidence in all of the services we offer, and gives our current and future patients the assurance that New Era is the choice for a quality, professional, and pleasant eye care experience in our area.

Carly uses a PD Ruler to help one of our young patients find the perfect-sized glasses for her.


When Dr. O’Donnell says, “As soon as you enter our office, you’ll always be greeted by a member of New Era’s helpful and friendly staff,”  he means that wonderful people like Carly will be waiting for you with a smile to make getting new glasses or contacts fun and easy for both adults and children in your family.

When asked what changes his clients can expect to see in 2019, Dr. O’Donnell said that this year, “We will always work to give every patient great vision but we also have begun emphasizing prevention and trying to help get our clients educated in various ways to protect their eye health by expanding our Eye Health Program, which is designed specifically with prevention in mind for conditions like Glaucoma or Macular Degeneration.” Consistently keeping clients informed will not only help to prevent future medical expenses, but will allow clients to have a more overall positive outlook toward regular eye examinations and appointments.

One thing we won’t be changing in the new year, though, is our core beliefs and purpose. Dr. O’Donnell says it best, “Our purpose is to make every patient, every person, every time, every day – happier than the moment they came through our door.  While it seems like a nice idea, applying it to the maximum level possible makes for happy and referring patients, yes. But more importantly, it makes health care fun for both our patients and for us.”