Blurry Faces

Recently a wonderful, new patient came for an eye evaluation. This new patient was referred because of a growing complaint of “blurry faces”. Most of the family felt it was “cataract surgery time” for this new patient. While cataract development played a small role in the entering complaint, it was actually more related to macular degeneration.   More specifically, […]

20/20 & NOT THE YEAR :)

Our office is gearing up for a very cool 2020 promotional campaign.  In a conversation with a wonderful patient and professional associated with this campaign, he asked what the eye version of “20/20” meant.   This is a common question posed to eye care providers. As many people well know, 20/20 is often thought to mean […]

Keep the Cornea and Contact Lens Friends!

The picture shown is an emergency patient recently treated. The patient called with eye pain and discomfort, suffering from a corneal ulcer (note white spot that looks like it has a ‘v’ in it).  With great amount of effort through treatment and follow-up evaluations, the cornea eventually healed. There was a slight side effect that […]


Consider for a moment the difficulty you would have in reading this sentence if you had blurry or distorted vision.   Now imagine how hard it would be to learn if the information you needed to understand could not be seen or read easily. Recent studies have indicated that the need for spectacle correction (glasses or […]

Man My Eyes Itch!

Perhaps not those exact words, but the complaint of itching and burning eyes is quite abound this time of year.  Those symptoms, while not mutually exclusive, often indicate allergic conjunctivitis, and like many ophthalmic issues, something most certainly can be done about it! Symptoms for eye allergies are interesting in that they are often accompanied […]


A late blast from Mother Nature interrupted a mild winter and delayed our outdoor fun that Spring brings.  As a wonderful patient talked glowingly of “fly fishing” and “hiking”, clearly he was aware the wait is over and the fun can begin with your outdoor hobbies.  However, please don’t let your eyes or eyewear stop […]


The National Institute of Health (NIH), a phenomenal organization working to enhance lives and reduce illness and its associated effects, reported some very interesting ophthalmic data recently.  After reviewing many studies the NIH offers alarming news about potential increases in visual impairment or blindness by the year 2050. The 2015 National Health Interview Survey reports […]


Most likely you have read or seen a story about the need for better health.  Chronic diseases, such as diabetes or hypertension, are increasing in diagnosis and treatment.  These increases can be linked to issues such as lack of exercise or to an aging population.  Whatever the cause, what is sure to come with those […]


Myopia, also known as nearsightedness, is when a person has “blurry” vision at a distance. This condition is the most common type of refractive error which is an imperfection in the optical aspect of the eye. Basically, instead of light rays entering the eye and being focused on the back of the eye (retina), they […]

FDA, Drugs and Your Eyes!

The FDA, or Food and Drug Administration, is recognized as the oldest consumer protection agency of the United States Federal Government.  The organization’s unofficial roots originate around 1848 and start with the Patent Office.  The FDA evolved from assessing agricultural products to now approving dozens of new pharmaceutical agents yearly. As often offered to patients and […]